BattleBallz Chaos
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BattleBallz Chaos
Feed those restless fingers with this action packed arcade game for 1-2 players. Do battle across a danger ridden battlefield. earn achievements, poach power-ups and beat your opponent into submission Features: - Multiplayer (1-2 players) - Variety of game modes - Tutorial mode - 4 modes of difficulty (easy, normal, hard and **insane) - New features and hazards added as you progress - 80 different achievements that can be earned and posted to your Facebook wall - Power-ups to help / hinder players - 10, 20 and 30 round games - Stats tracking to help you measure and improve your performance or prove how badly you just beat your friend - Great graphics, music and effects - Cool sci-fi theme - Suitable for adults and children of all skill levels ** Insane difficulty mode is solid, a must try for those with a strong stomach and lightening reflexes We are big when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you find a problem, have a gripe or would like to see a specific feature in the game then please let us know, we are open to any suggestions. To get in touch go to and click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the screen Have fun playing and please consider leaving a review. Many thanks to those that have already left reviews. If you experience ANY problems with our game then please get in touch and let us know, we will do our utmost to resolve any issues.

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BattleBallz Chaos
BattleBallz Chaos
BattleBallz Chaos

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Pentru a descarca un joc din portalul Orange pe mobil este necesar sa ai un telefon compatibil wap si serviciul si setarile wap activate. Pentru aceasta, apeleaza *100# (serviciul Self Care) si urmeaza instructiunile. Vei primi un mesaj scris cu setarile wap pe care trebuie sa le salvezi si sa le activezi din meniul corespunzator serviciilor de date al telefonului tau.
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