Pinch 2 Special Edition
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Pinch 2 Special Edition
Pinch is back. Bigger, better, and bolder than ever! ⊳ The Gamers Hub ⊲ 4/5 ⊳ "If you’re a puzzle fan, Pinch 2: Special Edition is definitely for you." Pinch 2 Special Edition, the sequel to the critically acclaimed iOS puzzler has arrived from acclaimed developer Coatsink. Once again, the colourful Norbs need your help! If you're looking for ingenious puzzles and engrossing gameplay, look no further. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed mobile puzzler has returned with all-new visuals. Once again, the colourful Norbs need your help. Navigate fascinating mazes filled with new and improved obstacles, as well as more than a few surprises and collectables. Use the unique merging and separating 'Pinch' technique to surpass Colour Barriers and Holes, teleport around the levels using Chutes, and find a way to rescue the game-changing Black and Silver Norbs. But what’s special about this edition is simple: the Norbs have come to life, and you can find them everywhere! ⊳ REVIEWS ⊲ 148Apps – "PINCHTASTIC" 4/5 MobileXP (DE) – 9/10 The Guardian (UK) – “A delightfully tactile puzzler” AppModo – “Addictive personalities BEWARE!” ⊳ FEATURES ⊲ • 100 challenging levels to complete. • Beautiful visuals and intuitive gameplay built specifically for touch-screen devices. • Complete levels in different ways to win awards. • 20 Achievements for completionists, and Leaderboards for competitive puzzle experts! • Original Music and Sound Effects from award-winning composers. • Colour Blind Mode for those with difficulty distinguishing certain colours. ⊳ SUPPORT ⊲ If you face any technical issue the game and/or device please contact us to allow us to fix, and update the game, and make it better for all. Email us for support here at **************************************** For the latest news and updates on our games check us out on… Website Facebook search Thumbstar Twitter @thumbstar ****************************************

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Pinch 2 Special Edition
Pinch 2 Special Edition
Pinch 2 Special Edition

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